I have got eleven years of experience in independent managing of product categories in fashion retail for Polish and CEE market. I grew up with LPP S.A business group when I gained practical knowledge and now I can share my experience in the field of product management, building procurement strategies and negotiations with foreign suppliers. My expertise covers a full array of garment management and home decor articles in casual, premium or high street fashion sectors.

I effectively build a concept of the collection with a focus on the category and range planning, inventory gap analysis and pricing architecture. My services scope from defining branding, product development to positioning and communications for individual and commercial customers. I translate and transfer the prevailing trends into a commercial product, delivering tangible results to your brand. I analyze and search for potential development areas in existing products or entire categories to effectively maximize the level of margin.

I cooperate with agencies and direct suppliers from Europe and Asia (China, India, Bangladesh) to deliver evaluate and execute buying strategic initiatives that capitalize on market opportunities for new materials. Participating in fair trades and a lot of time spent in factories gave me the opportunity to learn about the materials technology and precise knowledge about the production process of the entire garment and accessories.

I have a long-established relationship with designers, graphic designers and technologists who can offer unique ideas and entire collections dedicated to each brand.

My expertise covers the full array of buying management so I can assist in the appropriate selection of materials for your designs within a given budget. I optimize the supplier base in order to minimize total costs. I also run professional workshops of trade negotiations and how to communicate in Asian culture in the business environment.